How to support and motivate employees during ramadan

Guide to Support and Motivate Employees During Ramadan.

Allow Flexible Work Hours

Keep in mind that employees’ productivity levels are affected by fasting, so give them the space to choose when and how to work. After all, people are only truly
productive 3 hours a day

Focus on Health and Safety

Consider that fasting causes a decrease in concentration and energy levels. As an employer, pay
attention to the roles of employees. Some of their missions may include heavy machinery or exhausting tasks. Also, take care if their concentration may affect the safety of others like being a car driver or a pilot.

Pay Attention to Workload

Some jobs require a lot of physical effort or mental attention. Keep in mind that employees need more rest in Ramadan to perform their tasks efficiently so avoid adding extra workload to their daily tasks.

Limit Outside Meetings

If we’ve learnt anything from COVID-19 it’s the fact that most meetings can simply be an email. Try to find other alternatives for outside meetings. You can go for
online discussions or even phone calls.

Consider Ramadan Gifts

Every Muslim needs certain essentials every Ramadan to make the best out of the month. As an employer, it’s necessary to consider providing employees with
Ramadan essentials as a gift. That would express your appreciation to them and also help boost their emotional state.

Write Motivational Quotes

The idea of motivating your employees by writing quotes might seem cliché, but it’s effective. Throughout the tiredness of fasting and the anxiety of the pandemic, any little action might have a considerable effect. It has been proven that motivational acts like that increase employees’ productivity and creates a better sense of belonging to their workplace.

Plan Iftar with your Team

Who doesn’t love a free meal? Iftari is special for everyone breaking a fast, make use of this opportunity for some fun team building.

Keep a Positive Attitude

We understand that employers take a lot of responsibility, which may cause them high-stress levels. Keep in mind that you’re the backbone of your business and employees. Take care of yourself first, and consider boosting your physical and mental health. We know how hard it is to balance work and life, but try your best to achieve that.

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