Top 5 HRMS Solution in Pakistan for Businesses

When companies are in the market for a new HRMS system, they often begin by building a list of options. Adding names to a list is easy. What is truly challenging is narrowing the list down efficiently. 

Most HR teams don’t have the time to sit on 10-15 introductory calls to shortlist the HRMS system that suits their needs and budget.

The key to finding the best HRMS systems is identifying the provider whose software strengths match your most significant pain point. So, below, we’ve listed vital HRMS features.

‍Essential Features of a Human Resource Management System

The most common HRMS features are listed below, but not all of them need to be provided by small-scale HRMS systems. Many smaller businesses will only need some of these features at their current scale of operations. 

Employee Self-Service Portal

An employee self-service portal lets employees access their own employee data and employee files in a Human Capital Management system. This allows employees to change their profile, like adding dependents or changing their marital status. 

Time and Attendance Management

Sound HRMS systems offer modules to track staff time and attendance. These let personnel track their hours, approve time-off requests, manage accruals, and more.

Payroll Management and Tax Filing

The HRMS software will then take responsibility for payroll management by transferring funds to the appropriate tax authorities on behalf of your company.

Such software can usually also generate payroll management reports, which can be used to track wages, deductions, and benefits offered over time. 

Benefits Administration and Benefits Enrollment

Benefits management is a core function of an HRMS. HR professionals use it to get employees’ input on their benefits options, assess the employees’ needs, and enroll them in appropriate plans. 

Employee Data

Employee Database

The HRMS database is the single point where they store all employee information. An efficient system should let employees with limited rights access their personnel files anytime. 

Org chart

 An employee database should have an org chart feature so that managers can see which employees report to which managers. This makes it easier to implement career and succession planning of key staff.  

Compliance Tracking

In addition to HRMS software system features such as automation and data sharing, compliance tracking is also important. A strong HRMS will help track and generate reports. 

Recruiting and Applicant Tracking

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) should be comprehensive enough to manage the recruitment process. This means it can create new job openings and close the hiring process by adding new employees. 

Performance Management and Evaluations

Performance management and evaluations are formal processes that allow managers and employees to review their previous work and discuss their performance. 

A performance management review process typically involves asking an employee to evaluate their performance while the manager reviews the employee’s work. Based on this evaluation of past work, the manager then offers suggestions on how the employee can improve. 

Dashboards and Reporting Tools

Dashboards are a popular feature of modern HRMS systems, and they’re used for many different purposes. They offer real-time information that can be used to monitor and measure performance and provide insights into the company’s performance.

Reports are another critical feature within an HRMS system. Many companies need HR reports for strategic purposes, and an efficient HRMS is useful. 

‍Top HRMS Solution in Pakistan

The most popular HRMS solutions are listed below in alphabetical order. 

Decibel HRMS

Decibel offers specialized software modules for recruitment, employee management, and strategic HR solutions, empowering businesses to achieve their goals efficiently. Partnering with Decibel allows companies to save substantial time and resources.

Dedicated to simplifying all aspects of business operations, Decibel fosters strong relationships that enhance performance. With a profound understanding of workforce dynamics and regulatory requirements, Decibel tailors its services to address diverse business needs, fostering growth and success. 

Decibel’s solutions include a user-friendly payroll platform and comprehensive payroll services for managing team compensation. From payroll processing to detailed staff administration, clients benefit from advanced Payroll and Attendance Software as well as BPO payroll services.

Flow HCM

FlowHCM is a highly esteemed HRMS platform available both on-cloud and on-site. It encompasses a comprehensive range of HR management functions and adheres to both local and international best HR practices, enabling numerous organizations to optimize their HR management processes through its advanced software solutions.

The platform includes the following key modules:

– Employee Management

– Time and Attendance Management

– Leave Management

– Payroll Management

– Recruitment and Performance Management

– Expense Management

– HR Letters Management

– Training Management

– Separation Management

– Scheduled Reports and Alerts Management

– Manpower Management

– Help Desk Management

– Travel Management

– Onboarding Management

Currently, over 500 companies in Pakistan utilize FlowHCM, and its usage extends internationally across more than ten countries.

People HR

With its core operational team based in Pakistan, People™ provides effective payroll solutions to clients in over 20 countries worldwide, including Algeria, Morocco, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Lebanon, and the United Kingdom. The company’s success is attributed to its core competency in rapidly understanding and implementing all taxation, statutory, and other local requirements of new countries, enabling payroll setup within days.

People™ employs a parallel running of a single month’s payroll, ensuring a smooth transition to independently managed, error-free payroll operations with minimal client involvement. All payroll management clients benefit from access to the signature HR Platform, People-i, which allows employees to access their salary slips monthly. The platform provides detailed breakdowns of earnings, deductions, and taxable and non-taxable incomes, thereby minimizing queries directed to HR.

HR departments have access to various payroll reports through People-i, enabling them to scrutinize each payroll cycle effectively.

Smart HCM

SmartHCM provides a range of comprehensive modules, including Core HR, Workflow Management, Dynamic Letters/Forms, Leave and Training Management, Interactive Performance & KPIs, Deputation Management, Payroll, and Loan & Funds.

This software extends beyond payroll functions, serving as a complete business management solution that integrates various HR functions such as recruitment, performance management, and employee self-service.

SmartHCM enables organizations to achieve a unified view of their workforce and streamline HR processes. The software’s diverse, customizable modules and business management capabilities offer an extensive payroll solution.


TimeTrax is a robust HRMS utilized in 27 cities in Pakistan and deployed in 17 countries worldwide, including the UAE, South Africa, Korea, and Brazil. It serves as an all-in-one ERP solution addressing both HR and business needs and is highly regarded for its comprehensive coverage of essential HR functions.

The software boasts 34 modules, including Personnel, Attendance, Leave, Payroll, Document Management, Manpower Planning, Recruitment, Separation, and Training.

With over 25 years of operation, TimeTrax has established itself in the domains of ERP, Human Capital Management, and Client Relationship Management. It serves over 1,250 trusted customers across a wide range of industries, including Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage, Retail, Logistics, Education, Healthcare, and more than 35 other verticals.