affordable employee health insurance for a growing software house

Affordable employee health insurance for a growing software house


A software development company based in Karachi with a  workforce of 25 employees was trying to provide its employees with healthcare benefits.  They were looking for a reliable insurance company that offered good health insurance benefits with reasonable pricing for the company’s employees and their families. Moreover, they should be fast and transparent in providing claims if the need arises.  


The reason they were looking to provide better employee healthcare benefits was to firstly attract good talent and also retain their current top talent by offering them perks on top of just a good salary. As this was the first time they were going for group health there was not enough understanding in the management team about how the process was going to work, what would be the pricing and the benefits that would be provided in the policy? They had taken quotes from different insurance providers but there was still confusion on which policy to opt for.  They were looking for someone who could guide them in the process end-to-end and also help with after-sales service.


Smartbenefits took all the responsibility for solving this problem and offered a one window solution. After analyzing the company’s needs and budget, our employee benefits specialist immediately got in touch with smartbenefits partner insurance companies, which are all top-rated companies in Pakistan, and quickly put together all the quotes for easy comparison of pricing, features and benefits.

After selecting the most suitable plan, our employee benefits specialist negotiated pricing with the chosen insurance company, and after multiple meetings, discussions and negotiation sessions, smartbenefits made it possible to make a winning deal with additional features and benefits for employees and their families

In addition to providing group health insurance smartbenefits provided the corporate with claim settlement support by negotiating with the insurance provider on their behalf. After the policy was activated, smartbenefits continued to provide support to the corporate when it came to claims and adding and removing employees and making sure the company had an excellent insurance experience.

Key highlights

  1. Smartbenefits provided them with all the necessary information about group health insurance.
  2. Smartbenefits provided them quotes for comparison and negotiated with the insurance providers for pricing.
  3. Smartbenefits provided them with customisable plans which would suit their needs. 
  4. Smartbenefits provided them with claim settlement support.