A hassle-free insurance renewal for a BPO House

A hassle-free insurance renewal for a BPO House


A large BPO House with 350+ employees based out of Karachi was looking to reduce health insurance costs without compromising on healthcare benefits. Their existing health insurance plan was quite heavy on their pockets and was not entirely happy with the claim experience.


At the time of insurance renewal, their current insurance provider quoted a health premium much higher than the last year which was not a feasible option for the company. Hence they decided to look for other options in the market, however, it was very difficult and time consuming for them to get brand new quotes from other insurance providers, negotiate plan features and pricing, and select the plan that would serve their purpose.


Smartbenefits took all the responsibility for solving this problem and offered a one window solution. After analyzing the company’s needs and budget, our employee benefits specialist immediately got in touch with Smartbenefits partner insurance companies, which are all top-rated companies in Pakistan, and quickly put together all the quotes for head to head comparison of pricing, features and benefits. After selecting the most suitable plan, Smartbenefits specialist negotiated pricing with the selected insurance company, and after multiple meetings, discussions and negotiation sessions, Smartbenefits made it possible to make a winning deal with additional features and benefits for employees at nearly 25% lesser renewal cost from the last insurance plan.
Client Key Success Factors
Quotes comparisons & negotiations for clients with multiple insurances
provide quick response & fast processing by Smartbenefits representatives
cost saving on insurance renewal with additional benefits
no charges for Smartbenefits services